Breakfast In Bed: An Erotic Tale

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“Wake up babe, I brought you break fast,” he said as he laid the tray beside the bed and reached to kiss her sweet face.

She cocked her face to look at him and the expression on his faced said it all. He loved her even when she looked like the living dead, with her groggy expression as she tried to open her eyes and pay attention.

And the smell of freshly baked bagels, the smell of that sweet cup of espresso was all that she needed to give her a final bolt to wake her ass up. “Baby, wow you are the best. Thanks.” As she reached out for one of the bagels.

He sat beside her and handed her the cup of espresso as he himself took the bowl of fruit salad. She looked at him as he enjoyed the salad and he looked at her as she took in the full explosion of the coffee and they both knew what was going to happen next.

“So how can I say thanks for this amazing feast,” she said as she lay her cup of coffee and bagel aside and turned her full attention to his bare chest.

“Well if you put it like that…” he said a she stopped her mid-way with her index finger and familiar but very arousing hush. She then turned all her attention to his groin and she worked her lips from his neck slowly and seductively to his by now well-adjusted manhood.

And with one big swoop she got her mouth inside it and began to work it. And you could tell by the expression on his face he liked it, he liked a lot. She worked on him even harder as he reached his hand to touch her breast. He stretched other hand across the bed and flung the bowl that was lying there onto the floor.

She was startled and she slowly but in that hot steamy air said,” Oops.”

And that really did it for him. And he tore away the rest pajama pants off and let his leg run wild. She instinctively reached hands placed them on his thighs and patted his legs wider and groped his ass as she briskly went back to partaking of his manhood. And she there is nothing her lips, her tongue, cheeks and general mouth did not do to him.

It was all in his face as he came on her face moments later. He was really content; this was why he had made breakfast for her. She knew how to appreciate his gifts appropriately.

“You know on your breakfast tray, I noticed there was no meat on it, so I decided to improvise,” she said as she wiped her face and he roared to side laughing.

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