The Benefit of Keeping Up Your Energy Levels

Keeping up your energy levels in the middle of the British winter is not always easy. I am not the only girl at outcall London escorts who is really tired and I do have a problem keeping my energy levels up. Recently I have been so tired that I have even struggled to keep up with my boyfriend in bed, and when I finish my London escorts shift, I have sort of just wanted to go home, take a bath and go to sleep. That is so typical of me in the winter.

This winter has been very cold, and I felt early on that my energy level was going to flag. A girl that I work with at London escorts recommended me to take a vitamin B supplement. A good quality vitamin B supplement is not cheap, but I did buy some and I do feel a bit better. I thought that I had such a healthy diet, but apparently we all need a boost in the winter time, and I am trying to included more salad vegetable in my diet. Fish based dishes seem to help as well, but eating late, like you do when you work for outcall London escorts, is not a good thing. My boyfriend and I often end up having a take away.

Not spending a lot of time outside does not help neither. I recently had a weekend away from London escorts, and we took a chance to get out of London. It was lovely and all of that fresh country air seemed to help me a lot. We spent about two days hiking and eating good local food, and it was surprising what a difference it made. Once I returned to outcall London escorts, I felt so much better and I had lots of energy for my work at the escort agency in central London.

There are benefits to keeping your energy levels up. Of course, it will help to improve your sex life, but there is more to it than that. During the winter time it is only too easy to pick up a cold or flu. Last year, I had two weeks off from London escorts with a really bad flu. It does not matter what flu jab you get, and I have tried a few, the flu that come blowing in on the winter winds, is always a different strain. As so many of my dates at London escorts are visitors, they bring flu bugs with them as well.

You also get more energy for other things that you need to do in life. Although I really enjoy working for London escorts, my life is about so much more than escorting. It is nice to have some energy when you get home as well, and to enjoy some of your hobbies. Does the pollution in London affect your energy levels? I am pretty sure that it does, and I try to make sure that I go out when the levels are a bit lower. However, my weekend trip to the country does prove a point. You can recharge your batteries by getting some fresh air and eating good food. I wish that i lived in the country, and hopefully one day, I will find my little bit of paradise outside of central London.

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